Classic Bluebird House-Premium Guard and Deluxe Finial

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This is a North American Society Approved bluebird house. Constructed of PVC lumber, this house is essentially maintenance-free. 
The metal predator guard prevents woodpeckers or squirrels from chewing the hole to make it large enough for them to use as a nest box. 
The opening is sized for Eastern Bluebirds (1 ½”). Different size holes are an option should you want to attract another kind of nesting bird.

TEAM COLORS are available in 12 combinations for ALL houses and feeders. Several are are shown here. Search other products to find the team color you want.

The floor is recessed to receive a true 4”x4” post. .
Dimensions: 9"L x 9"W x 23"H overall
Mounting: may be mounted on 4" x 4" post
Construction: wood, metal, plastic