Manor House - Deluxe Guards and Premium Finial

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The Manor House is another of our new offerings. Built on a 14” platform, the manor House has 16 openings and 8 nesting cavities. Predator guards protect each opening from squirrels and woodpeckers. The openings are sized for Bluebirds, Wrens, Titmouse and Chickadees. PVC construction makes this beautiful house virtually maintenance-free. It mounts easily on a 4”x4” post and interior walls lift out for easy cleaning. This is a large piece (14”x 14”x 36”). This is the largest songbird piece that AWAAP builds and is designed to be used in a large space or to complement a large house. At $299.00 The Manor House provides the ultimate in birdhouse craftsmanship and beauty. Distinctive oak cluster resin finial completes this design. If you truly want to impress, The Manor House is the perfect choice!!!! Choose Hammered copper, Verde or Merlot colored aluminum roof or new Gold Aluminum(pictured).

TEAM COLORS are available in 12 combinations for ALL houses and feeders. Several are shown here. Search other products to find the team color you want.