In 2000, at age 50, I was diagnosed with renal cell (kidney) cancer.  The shock and reality of life and its value became both overwhelming and frightening.  A healthy man of 50 is not ready for this kind of news.  My wife, Susan, as she has been for 47 years, once again became my rock.  We wrestled and wrestled with this news.  I had 2 daughters in college and a young son. When we met with my surgeon and he confirmed the news, Susan backed him in a corner and asked him if he could “take care of this”.  Of course he said yes!  The cancerous kidney was removed and no further treatments were necessary.  Praise God! Now the reality of one’s mortality becomes compelling and the path for the rest of one’s life becomes fuzzy.  So we prayed for about 90 days or so and God’s plan for me showed itself.  I believed that He wanted me to give up a successful sales career and become a builder of bird houses??? My daughters told Susan that I must be crazy.  What else could you expect?  Susan supported the bird house plan and we commenced with this ultimate faith walk. Given that Susan was a highly paid PS teacher, this made the decision so much easier. Any highly paid teachers out there?

Problems arose of course: no tools, no shop, no expertise, no experience, no market, no designs, no business plan-just faith.  Soon 4 AM designs became workable and sellable products.  I was able to use my NC State engineering degree and things started to roll.  New problems like how to produce better and faster pieces arose.  Year 1 flew by; the second became the third and now we are in our 19th year. 

Late in my 18th year, I became reacquainted with a former friend from church who enjoyed catching mountain trout as much as I did.  On many of our fishing trips we had the time to discuss lots of life topics.  We shared similar family goals, life goals and business goals.  It was as if God was saying you need Tim to continue and improve upon a legacy that was already established but needed some tweaking. 

So a business alliance was formed.  Tim’s creative and goal-oriented associate, Shawn, threw in with us and an exciting new business model was created.  Since late 2018 we have worked collaboratively to produce a vastly improved line of exciting new products. 

All our houses and feeders are now longer lasting, more functional and prettier than ever. We have greatly improved delivery times and upgraded all areas of customer service.  Our customer relations are unequalled.  If you want us to do something for you, you only need to ask.

I now enjoy this business even more than before because we are committed to a plan that allows God to be front and center.  We truly advocate for the best interest of our customers and are delighted to assist in solving customer requests and questions. We anticipate many, many good years ahead and encourage you to give us a call to find out how we can serve you.

May God Bless Your Journey