Castle Martin House - Deluxe Guards and Deluxe Finial

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This new addition to our offerings is specifically built to house Purple Martins. Built on an 18" base, it has 4 downstairs apartments and 4 upstairs apartment. Each opening is 2" and is exactly 1" above the landing platform. The second floor openings have a Juliet balcony to discourage quarrels with the next door neighbors. Everything that is white, except for the finial, is made of PVC for a low, low maintenance house. Even the removable interior walls are PVC. The black roof is one of 3 more roof color options. Hammered copper or Verde or the new Merlot colored roof. Mounts on a 4"x4" post via the permanently attached mounting collar. You will enjoy years and year of bird watching with this addition to your landscaping. Weighs about 30 pounds and stands 32" tall.

TEAM COLORS are available in 12 combinations for ALL houses and feeders. Several are are shown here. Search other products to find the team color you want.